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Our Company

Printcare is a design-to-delivery printing and packaging solutions provider. Having initially made our reputation supplying printing and packaging solutions to the world's tea industry. We have diversified considerably; today our customer portfolio includes firms in almost all categories of industry including Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Apparel, FMCG, Publishing, Telecom, Financial Services, Tobacco and Lotteries.

Printcare now has world class manufacturing facilities in multiple locations in Sri Lanka and in India, and has setup a sales office in the United Kingdom to more effectively service our European clients.

Our Workplace

Printcare’s greatest strength is the quality and diversity of our employees. Our people are at the core of our ability to continuously deliver innovative solutions to our customers and create value for our shareholders. We strive to create a work environment that is safe, ethical and rewarding for each of our approximately 650 employees. Our focus is on creating and maintaining a workplace that attracts, motivates and retains the best people for our business.

Our people are at the core of our ability to continuously deliver innovate solutions to our customers and create value for our shareholders.

Our commitment to high ethical standards is implemented through our policies and practices in every aspect of our business and at all our plants. Printcare is a strong believer in human rights, labor standards, the environmentally friendly practices and anti-corruption. We ensure long-term sustainable performance through our performance management systems, which include goal setting, performance evaluations, and career development plans as a result of which every employee at Printcare receives a fair semi-annual evaluation and progression as appropriate.

To retain and attract the most talented people, we provide employees with numerous opportunities and tools for progression, development and interaction, which we hope will help them excel in their respective avenues of value addition to the organization, and the personal development and satisfaction of the employees through open dialogues and career development goal setting. Our employment practices are governed by the applicable laws and regulations of the country, our inherent commitment to fair and equal employment practices, and an overall organizational practice that does not tolerate harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

Our Environment

Printcare is committed to operating in a way that protects the environment. Our goal is to achieve excellent environmental performance in each of our production locations and to operate responsibly by implementing scientifically sound practical solutions that consider the needs of the environment in which we operate.


Our goal is to achieve  excellent environment performance in each of our production locations

Our commitment to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner is anchored in our environmental policy. Our policy emphasizes individual responsibility; fosters appropriate operating practices; and requires our facilities to be designed, operated, and managed with the goal of preventing harmful incidents, controlling emissions, reducing contamination and minimizing waste. Not only is this our central commitment to environmental responsibility, but pursuing this initiative year after year will us reduce operating costs, improve safety, and most importantly reduce our impact to the environment while continually evaluating and improving our policies and environmental management systems.

Our Community

Printcare is proud of its sustainable contributions to the economic and social development of the locations in which we operate. This our company and our employees are committed to working positively within these communities. Over the years Printcare has engaged in various projects that have benefited the surrounding communities. These have ranged from one off projects such as donations of funds for specific projects to more long term involvement such as the facilitation of learning centers in local schools, building of toilets and community centers at temples, and scholarship programs. Recently we used our facilities to produce the government educative literature to the healthcare workers with onset of COVID-19. Forming constructive and meaningful community engagement initiatives are vital for us, and the benefits are reciprocal. By being caring, ethical and fair through the community involvement projects, Printcare, while actively seeking opportunities to improve the quality of life in our communities is able to also attract and employ the best local talent to join the company. Our approach to social responsibility is defined by our community engagement process, our ongoing dialogue with the key representatives of our community help us understand and react to what truly affects them. 

Our fundamental belief is that our surrounding communities should be better because Printcare existed. The company instills in its workforce the ethics that making profit alone is not enough, that we have an obligation to support the community around us.

COVID-19 For thousands of years , a parasite with no name which lived happily among horseshoe bats in southern China, found a new host, Human beings. From that one human that seemed a long time ago, but in reality, end 2019 the virus has exploded all over the world sparing no one. Never before, except in wartime, have whole industries shut down and consumer demand dropped so far so fast. Printcate adapted quickly and impactfully. We established a safe work environment for all stake holders who visit, engage and within our company premises. Printcare took on as its responsibility to ensure continuous customer service, employee safety, product/food packaging safety, environmental safety and business continuity during this global pandemic. Infact the model we created is being followed by several other industries.


Printcare's culture reflects more than just a structure. It is a statement of values. Our commitment to a progressive, enterprising, responsive, focused, ethical, confident and tech savvy workplace enables us to build our relationships, with clients and with colleagues, on honesty and trust. It drives our ability to deliver great client service and to generate superior long-term financial performance for our shareholders.

The 7 points of the star and the seven colours of our roundel in the Printcare logo symbolizes the 7 core values that make up our culture.
















Tech Savvy

our history
Inspired Vision Meets Passion For perfection

K R Ravindran fresh out of University with a family background in printing, forged a friendship with Merrill J Fernando and together they floated Printcare Ceylon Ltd. Their belief was that bulk tea exported out of Sri Lanka would switch to value added tea bags if acceptable

packaging became available. Whilst Ravindran was the CEO of the company from its inception Merrill J Fernando was the Chairman, also from inception until his passing in 2023.

Their pioneering efforts were successful and the nascent tea bag industry in Sri Lanka blossomed. Partly because of the superior packaging that now became available, changing the country from a supplier of bulk tea, to one of value-added packaged tea. 


Built our first factory when we  diversified into the production of high-quality folding cartons and high end display boxes catering to the quality conscious consumer. Our ability to produce a variety of finishes enables us to add substantial value to the customer enhancing is appearance and brand on the shelves. Having started as Universal Packaging we changed our name to Printcare Universal after a few years. 

Our second factory which we moved into in 1995 was a purpose built beautifully landscaped complex in the outskirts of Colombo. Premises which brought delight to our work force and captivated our overseas visitors. Listed on the Colombo stock exchange as Printcare Plc and our shares began trading in the stock market. 

Established Printcare Pre-Media to facilitate the pre-press activities for the group and to offer such services to the US and European markets. The advent of the specialized pre press division gave the whole group a definitive edge. 

Promoted Packages Lanka Ltd, a joint venture with Packages Ltd of Pakistan one of the foremost flexible packaging units in the South Asian region. Packages Lanka quickly blossomed into one of the primary suppliers for flexible packaging  in Sri lanka. 


Built our second factory for packaging a few kilometers from our headquarters. Invested in variable data printing capabilities for specialized security printing applications such as lottery tickets, phone cards, promotional games and security certificates. And to provide numbering solutions for inventory management and anti-counterfeiting solutions. This was the advent of Printcare Secure (pvt) limited.  

Further established Printcare India Ltd in Coimbatore, South India. The company would provide teabag packaging to the Indian market which hitherto was being serviced by fragmented suppliers. Very quickly the company became a pre eminent supplier of tea bag labels and envelopes to the tea industry in India. 


Delved into the self-adhesive and wet glue label market with sophisticated new equipment. . Very quickly established ourselves as a front runner for the finest quality labels to the FMCG, pharmaceutical, alcohol sectors. Supported our principal customers to move packaging back to Sri Lanka where such quality was hitherto unavailable.  

Focusing on the growing apparel sector formed a joint venture with Rpac International an American company specialized in this segment. The new company was called our Rpac Printcare. Established Printcare UK (pvt) limited in England. The company hugely prospered. In 2020 Printcare divested itself off the R-Pac shares. 


Further diversified into the digital printing/ packaging segment with Printcare Digital Services (Pvt) limited. Printcare Digital became the first full-fledged digital supplier of packaging, capable of producing any form of packaging with a minimum order quantity of one! And of course more quantities with the ability to do unlimited variations.

Printcare achieved many compliances


The Printcare Group has been awarded the prestigious Integrated Management System certification-(IMS )complying with ISO 9001:2015 , ISO14001:2015 & ISO45001:2018. This achievement will assure a safe and sustainable working environment and the occupational health and safety of its valuable employees while maintaining the commitment of best quality management systems.


Printcare Universal (PVT) Ltd extended their assurance for Brand Reputation and Compliance Global Standards -(BRCGS) by upgrading the food safety controls according to the BRCGS – Issue 6 and are certified to continue its GRADE A rating for one more year.

FSSC 22000 – VERSION 5.1

Printcare PCL always provides a better food safety assurance to their customers and were once again certified with the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000) – Version 5.1.

ISO 27001:2013

Printcare Secure Ltd is accredited with an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The continuation of this compliance certification will build the confidence of local and global customers and help Printcare Secure cater to its customers in an information secured environment. This facility is certified under ISO 27001:2013 through the audit conducted by well-experienced auditors from DNV India LTD.

SEDEX Membership

Believing that people are the key to a successful business, Printcare Universal (PVT) Ltd & Printcare PCL offered their plants for the annual Sedex Members Ethical Audits – (SMETA) in order to maintain the compliances of local & international employee codes of conduct and labor rules .


As a part of Printcare’s mission of being a business that truly cares about improving environmental performance. All our Printing Plants have been certified under FSC CoC which is the latest standard issued by the Forest Stewardship Council.